Anti-Static Felt Platter

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Elevate your vinyl listening experience with our Premium Felt Turntable Mat, a masterpiece of audio enhancement crafted from superior felt material. This mat stands out with its anti-static, nonslip, and nontoxic properties, ensuring a safe and convenient user experience. Designed to allow for precise tracking interaction between the record and the turntable surface, it heightens the sensitivity of the cartridge, revealing every nuance of your music. With a universal fit for most turntables, our mat requires no modifications or trimming, boasting a perfect diameter of 295mm. It not only brings out a clearer sound with enhanced separation and detail but also plays a crucial role in minimizing vibrations and motor noises, thus preserving the pristine quality of your sound. Additionally, it acts as a protective cushion for your valuable vinyl records, extending their lifespan. Showcasing a professional aesthetic on your turntable, it reflects your dedication to the finest musical experience. Please note, the turntable mat is offered independently, with other accessories shown in images not included.

Item Type: Turntable Mat
Material: Felt
Thickness: 5mm
Function: Reduce Vibrations
Quantity: 1 Pc

Package Includes:
1 Turntable Mat