SYNULOX 250mg 10pils For Dog & Cat Infections

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Type a description for this product here... Synulox 250 mg contains: 200 mg amoxicillin + 50 mg clavulanic Acid. · Resistance to many antibiotics is produced by beta-lactamics, enzymes that inactivate the antibiotic before it can act on bacteria. · The clavulanic acid in Synulox neutralizes this mechanism of defense of bacteria inactivating beta-lactamase, and microorganisms become susceptible to the rapid bactericidal effect of amoxyciline, in readily achievable concentrations in the body. It acts against a wide range of bacteria, such as: · Staphylococcus spp. (including strains producing beta-lactamates); · Escherichia coli (including strains producing beta-lactamates); · Salmonella spp. (including strains producing beta-lactamates); · Pasteurella spp. (including strains producing beta-lactamates); · Bacteroides (including strains producing beta-lactamaze); · Haemophillus spp.; · Bordetella Bronchiseptica; · Camphylobacter spp.; · Klebsiella · Proteus spp.; · Streptococci · Corynebacterium spp.; · Clostridium spp.; · Fusobacterium necrophorum. Indications Clinically, Synulox 50 mg was indicated as effective in treating a wide range of diseases in dogs and cats, such as: · Skin diseases (in deep and superficial pyoderma); · Genito-urinary infections; · Respiratory diseases (upper and lower respiratory tract infection); · Enteritis · Infections of the oral cavity; · Soft tissue infections; · Osteo-articular infections. Administration and dosing Administration is done orally. Dose 12.5 mg/kg body weight. Dosing frequency – After the following model: · 1-3 kg, 1/2 tablet Synulox 50 mg · 3-5 kg, 1 tablet Synulox 50 mg · 6-9 kg, 2 tablets Synulox 50 mg · 10-13 kg, 3 tablets Synulox 50 mg · 14-18 kg, 4 tablets Synulox 50 mg · 19-25 kg, 1 tablet Synulox 250 mg · 26-35 kg, 2 tablets Synulox 250 mg · 36-49 kg, 2 tablets Synulox 250 mg · 50 kg, 3 tablets Synulox 250 mg In refractory cases, especially of respiratory tract infections, the dose is doubled to 25 mg/kg of body weight, 2 times a day. Duration of therapy: · Routine cases in all indicated diseases-therapy 5-7 days; · Chronic or refractory cases-the following treatment durations are suggested: · Chronic skin diseases-10-20 days · Chronic cycytes-10-28 days · Respiratory Diseases-8-10 days Contraindications, Precautions: · Do not administer to rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. · Use with caution to any other small herbivor. Conservation: · It will store in a cool and dry place.