Rombendazol F 100 Pils anticoccidian for ALL Birds , Dog, Cat

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Type a description for this product here... ROMBENDAZOLE F 100 tablets-Antihelmintic wide-spectrum for combating parasitosis in poultry (hen, Turk, pheasant, Guinea fowls, quail, peacock, goose, duck and pigeon), dogs and cats. COMPOSITION One 120 mg tablet contains: Active substance: Flubendazole 10 mg;Excipients (Starch, talc, magnesium stearate, lactose) AD 120 mg.PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTION Flubendazol is part of the Benzimidazole group, being a broad-spectrum anthelmintic.Administered orally is rapidly absorbed and circulates in all organs and tissues producing the endoparasites, regardless of their localization (in the digestive apparatus, respiratory apparatus, liver and various tissues).It is active versus trematode, nematodes and Cestode, in all forms of evolution (eggs, larvae, adults).The toxicity of the product is relatively low not having a teratogenic effect or embryotoxic.TARGET SPECIES: Birds (hen, turds, pheasant, Guinea fowls, quail, peacock, goose, duck and pigeon) dogs and cats. Indications Rombendazole F Tablets is a product indicated in the dehelmintization of birds acting on parasitosis produced by: Ascaridia spp., Heterakis spp., Capillaria spp., Syngamus spp., Davainea spp., Railletina spp., Choanotaenia spp., Amoebotaenia spp., Drepanidotaenia spp., Echinostoma spp. and Prosthogonimus spp.In dogs and cats it is recommended in gastrointestinal and pulmonary helmintoses produced by: Toxocara spp., Toxascaris spp., Uncinaria spp., Ancylostoma spp., Trichocephalus spp., Taenia spp., Dipylidium spp., Mesocestoides spp. and Echinococcus spp.CONTRAINDICATIONS: I'm not. SIDE EFFECTS: Not Found ADMINISTRATION MODE The product is administered orally, 2 consecutive days as follows: In poultry (hen, turkeys, pheasant, guinea fowl, quail, peacock, goose, duck) for the treatment of helmintosis, the dose of 1 tablet/kg bodyweight/day is used;At the pigeon: The dose is 1/2 tablet/500 g bodyweight/day. At a weight of more than 500 g 1 tablet/pigeon/day can be given.In dogs and cats: in gastrointestinal and pulmonary helmintoses, the dose of 1 tablet/kg bodyweight/day is used.Warnings In poultry, after litigation, the tablets are administered manually in the oral cavity as deeply as possible.In the dog and cat, the drug is administered as such in the oral cavity, then keep the animal's mouth shut until it swallows the drug.The tablets can also be incorporated into a food bowl.To ensure an appropriate dose, the weight of the animals as accurately as possible will be determined.Doses and treatment application regimens will be observed.In the case of group treatment, animals will be lotized by weight in order to avoid underdosing or overdose.WAITING TIME Meat: 28 days;Eggs: 7 days after the last treatment.