ASOCILIN 20g ointment for EYE, Ear and cutaneous infection for Dog,Cat,Bovine

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Type a description for this product here...ASOCILIN 20g   Composition:100 g of ungvent contain: streptomycin 2.0 g in the form of streptomycin sulfate, benzyl penicillin potassium 2.000.000 u.i. and excipients: solid paraffin, alum stearate, liquid paraffin.   Indications: Sterptomocina is an aminoglycozidic antibiotic with bactericidal effect against Gram-positive bacilli (Corynebacterium sp.), Gram-negative bacilli (Escherichia Coli, Klebsiella), Gram-positive cocci (Staphylococcus sp., Streptococcus sp.). It has an absolute bacetricide effect because it actionesis at the level of ribosomal and permanently preventing bacterial protein synthesis. Benzilpenicillin is a beta-lactam antibiotic with bactericidal effect compared to most Gram-positive cocci (Staphylococcus sp., Streptococcus sp.) Gram-positive bacilli (Corynebacterium sp.), Gram-negative bacilli (Escherichia Coli) has an effect Degenerative bacteriocide because it prevents bacterial cell wall formation. It is activated only on the bacterial cells in the active multiplication phase. By means of the two antibiotics that ascicillin contains is active compared to Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacilli, involved in skin and ocular infections and in infections of the mammary gland. Ascillin is indicated for the treatment of skin conditions (abscesses, furuncule, fistula, Plagi), cooked, blepharite, conjunctivite, otitis, external and mastite produced by Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria sensitive to streptomycin and Benzilpenicillin. Contraindications: Do not administer in animals with known hypersensitivity to antibiotics in the product composition. Adverse Reactions: They don't know each other. If you notice any adverse reactions or other undesirable effects, consult your veterinarian. Target species: Cattle, dogs, cats Administration and Dosage: Treatment of skin diseases in cattle, dogs and cats: on the affected area, cleaned and disinfected in advance a thin and continuous layer of ascicillin is applied 1-3 times/day, depending on the severity of the case, until healing. Treatment of ocular infections in cattle, dogs and cats: Insert the ointment in the conjunctidal sac 1-3 times/day, depending on the severity of the case, until the healing. Treatment of the Mastids in cows: Insert 1/4-1/2 from the contents of the unvent tube, with the help of the Aljeja, through the Galactofor Canal, in the affected compartments, which have previously been milked and cleaned with a disinfectant solution. Massage the Uger and do not milk for 12-18 hours, after which the treatment is repeated, using the tube with ointment a new alonja. If improvement is not evident the quantity administered in the following days it doubles to the disappearance of symptoms. Treatment continues two days after the remission of symptoms. Recommendations on correct administration: For the success of the cattle of the mastitas must be done as follows: Isolate sick animals from healthy and take hygiene measures Disinfect the user of the sick animal and the hands of the mulgator before milking Keep the tube in warm water, 35 º-40 º C, before the need for easier introduction of the medicinal product Alonja which accompanies the unvent tube sterilizes by boiling The affected quarters will be compulsory after milking the healthy quarters, and the milk will be collected separately and will not be used in human nutrition or animal nutrition. It adapts the Alja from the polyethylene to the medicine tube. By easy handling, to avoid injury to the mucosa, enter Alonja through the nipple hole and sprinkle the tube until 1/6 of its contents is deposited as far as possible to the base. Withdraw Alonja and insert into a vessel with disinfectant after which it destroys. Gently massage the user after the introduction of the medicinal product In case of acute masties the treatment is repeated at 12 hours, and in case of chronic la12-24 hours until healing. In serious cases, it is recommended to associate with sulfamide treatment or antibiotics on a general track. Waiting period: Meat-28 days, milk-7 days since last administration Contraindications and Precautions: Do not administer to allergic animals to antibiotics in the medicinal product component. Special Precautions for storage: Keep out of reach and sight of children Keep at temperatures below 25 º C Keep in the original packaging Do not use after the expiry date submitted on the package Special warnings: I'm not. Special precautions for disposal of unused product or waste, as appropriate: Medicines should not be disposed of with household waste or waste water. These measures contribute to environmental protection. Presentation mode: Tube with 20 g suspension ointment and Alja of polyethylene Validity period: 2 years, preserved in original packaging